Monday, January 31, 2011

And there they where

During this time in this particular part of Sweden there are no houshold examination rolls in the church records. You have to find your ancedtors in either the birth records, the death records or in the marriage records. It´s a hard work to read them. And you have to got some luck.
When I couldn´t find Karin and Anders I decided to surch her sister Maria Persdotter instead. Maria and her husband Per Jonsson lived in the village of Sestorp in the province of Östergötland. Not so far from Amundeby but in another parish.
One day when I was searching children of Maria and Per in the birth records my eyes saw something interesting. In July 1720 there was baby girl born. Her father was Anders Larsson och her mother´s name was Karin Persdotter. The child was baptised Kerstin. Anders and Karin were common names, so I couldn´t make any conclusions from the names. But there were eight sponsors at the baptism. The first sponsor was Lars from Amundeby and then I found wife Maria from Sestorp. Yes this was really a child of my ancestors Karin and Anders. At this time they lived in Kolhult, which was just a single farm.
Later on I found in a book of judgements that the cowhouse burned in 1719.
Perhaps their daugther was named after Karin´s mother Kerstin.

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