Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today is yesterday´s tomorrow. And I´ve promised to write something. Well, when I was very young (a long time ago) I visited my grandfather. He was a teacher but also a genealogist. In many years he had been collecting and mapping our ancestors and he was convinced about the fact that it was for no use. So I promised him to fullfill his mission. But it tooks about 25 years before I understand the extant of my promise. Now I can see that my grandpa gave me a new life. A life where I live side by side with my own history.
In this blog I will try to explain what it means to me and what I´ve got back from my ancestors. As you see, English isn´t my language, but I´ll do my best.


Kerry Scott said...

Your English looks good to me, and I love the title you chose. Welcome to the genealogy world!

Heather Rojo said...

Are you looking for practicing witches or ancestors who were executed as witches? It is easier to find the latter here in New England in the old records, the first is a newer phenomenon.