Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back to Karin and Anders

Anders Larsson married Karin Persdotter in October 1718 i the church of Stora Åby. Ammundeby, where they both lived att the time, is located in the parish of Stora Åby. But I found out something strange from the church records from Adelöv, a parish in the north of Småland, where Karin was born. In the acconts for 1718 I read that Anders Larsson from Amundeby had come to Adelöv in order to take the bridal crown to Stora Åby and he also had paid charge for it. So now we know that Karin used the crown from her birth parish.

This is not the crown that Karin had on her head, but it is from the same period of time. It´s made of silver covered with gold and decorated with bugles in bright coulors.

We also know that the couple established in Kolhult after the wedding. And got birth to a daughter Kerstin in the middle of the summer 1720. Shortly after that they moved off to Ryd in Adelöv. Anders stambled from here, it´s anyway what I think he did. And in that case he took over the family estate. His older brother Lars Larsson stayed in Amundeby. He was married to Karin´s mother Kerstin Persdotter.
After that Anders and Karin had left Kolhult something strange happened. Lars Larsson tried to buy Kolhult from two brothers with the patrynomic name Knutsson. But the purchase didn´t turn out. And we will never know why.

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