Sunday, February 13, 2011

I met Catharina

When I met my great great great great great great grandmother at the first time she was about 80 years old. Her name was mentioned in the household exemination in the church records for the parish of Lommaryd in Småland. I found her in 1995 and I was convinced that I never would get the oppotunity to learn anything about this woman´s background.
The church records says that Catharina Andersdotter was a lodger widow. She died in April 1807. In the book of death you can read that she had been married twice and she got three childen in each marriage, which will give us six all toghether. What I already knew was that the youngest, a girl named Ingrid was my ancestress. But I didn´t no anything about brothers or sisters of hers. The priest has written that Catharina was born in Ryd in Adelöv.
 An old map from the village of Ryd in Adelöv parish.

 A death book can tell us a lot about the gone person, but also the opposite, nothing. In this case I couldn´t find a single word about her husbands. One clue I found at least "the widow of Göransson". And Ingrid´s patronymic name was Persdotter. So Catharinas second man could be Per Göransson, perhaps.

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RELATIVEly Speaking said...

Thanks so much for giving us a picture of life in Sweden. I have been finding my husbands family and see the old map of Ryd in Adelöv parish. He also had family in that village. I am wondering where you were able to locate maps like that. I would love to get some for the other villages I need. Thanks again for all you do.