Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ingrid on her own

I always thought that all women called Ingrid ought to be blondish. As this Ingrid was born in 1771 I´ll never know, but in my mind she is blond. She married a man from a neighbor parish when she was twenty. I´m proud of her because she could read in spite of the fact that she lived all her life in the countryside.
Together with her husband she raised six children on a small farm. It´s easy to think that it was a poor life, but according to the inventory, which was established after Ingrid´s death they had been quite wealthy according to the time and the area. Among other things there were a cup of silver, a clock and a cotton loom.
The story about Ingrid, Karin/Catharina, Karin and Kerstin didn´t end up here. There´s a book about them, translated into English. You´ll find it at www.folkloreinsweden. Click on "Inspirational genealogy".

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