Monday, February 7, 2011

More about the people in Kolhult

Knut Jönsson and his wife Sigrid Larsdotter lived in Kolhult in the beginning of the 18th century. I don´t know if they had some earlier connection to the village or if they just bougtn the farm. It seems like they arrived from the town of Gränna. They where in the upper middle age och their childeren where grown up. I know that because a son Knut Knutsson died 1709, 32 years old.
The tax book from 1719 tells us that in Kolhult lived Knut Jönsson and his wife together with Lars Knutsson and his wife. I presume that Knut is the old man from Gränna. The death record showed that I was right. Knut passed on 1721 when he was 92 years old.
But all these information hasn´t give me any idea of why Anders Larsson and Karin Persdotter choosed to settle down for some years in Kolhult.

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