Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Per Göransson, the juryman

In October 1765 married Per Göransson the widow in Rödjan, Catharina Andersdotter. Rödjan is a village in Lommaryd parish, south Adelöv. According to the birth record the couple get three children. First a daughter Catharina, then a son Sven and finally Ingrid in 1771. That year Catharina Andersdotter was 44 years old.
When I look at the birthdays of her children I can make the conclusion  that she  breastfeeded them. Because breastfeedning work prophylatic (give me the right word if I´m wrong).
But the names of the children confused me. The babygirl Catharina could got her name after Catharina herself. But why is Sven baptised Sven and not Per? And Ingrid? At the time and in that area Ingrid wasn´t a common name. I had no answers.
Per Göransson was a juryman in the district court. He also made a lot of big decisions in the parish. For instance he manage to postpone a road making for over 100 years. Per was known as a man who took care about his horses. In his inventory you can read that he had two good horses together with several wagons and sleds. When Per died 1791 Catharina Andersdotter was still alive. Even Per´s old father Göran Börjesson was in life.

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