Friday, February 11, 2011

September, 22th 1727

Anders and Karin arrived to Ryd in the parish of Adelöv around 1721. They took over a farm owned by another Lars Larsson, who died by that time. I think that this Lars Larsson was the father of Anders Larsson and Lars Larsson from Amundeby. But I don´t know for sure. Anders Larsson was mentioned as a farmer in the church records and that means "he owns land". All sales of estates are written about in the book of judgements, but I could´t find anything about Ryd. Because of that I made the conclusion that Anders heired the farm.
Karin gave birth to at least five children in her marriage with Anders. In 1727 their daughter Karin was born. In the birth book her name is Karin, but later on she was called Catharina and sometimes Kajsa. This problem with the names isn´t unusually. The three names Karin, Catharina and Kajsa are at this time indentical. It means that all three of them were used about the same person.
As exampel I can mentioned Elisabeth, which can be the same as Lisken, Lisa and even Stina now and then. A man can be called for exampel Johan, Jon or Johannes. This can even apply to patronymic names.
However Karin Andersdotter was born September, 22th 1727 and she became a long and rich life.

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