Thursday, February 3, 2011

Someone else

I was so curious about Kolhult that I have to learn more. In the beginning of the 17th century here was just a tax free obscure cottage, perhaps partially built under ground. In about 1630 the owners were forced to pay tax.
In the books of judgements you can read about Kolhult. There I first met the name of this settlement in 1623. It´s a story about a man namned Axel Bengtsson who had prosecuted fornication with a woman. Her name was Ingrid and her father was Olof from Kolhult. Both of them accepted and they were condemned to death. In the same year another man from Kolhult, Lars Jonsson comitted the same crime, but this man became excused. Instead he had to pay fines. One year later I can read that also Axel and Ingrid got to keep their life.
In the year of 1650 there lived a man in Kolhult called Lars. Perhaps he is the same Lars as mentioned above. But we can´t really know. Eight years later I met Tore from Kolhult for the first time. He is a real quarreller. Almost every year he was accused for something. It seemed that he was fond of fighting. His patronymic name was Larsson.

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