Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tore in Kolhult

Yes, Tore was really someone special. And so was his father Lars Toresson. This man descended from a village called Kopparp. In the year of 1623 he comitted murder. But he was absolved because of self defence.
I din´t know when Lars Toresson arrived to Kolhult and perhaps he never lived there. In the book of judgements I can read that his widow Kerstin Knutsdotter and their son Tore got the right to live in Kolhult after Lars Toresson´s death. But it also seems that the family had the right to live in Kopparp for free because of his service of war. Of course it´s hard to understand the old language and now and then you´ll missunderstand the text.
However I can follow Tore in the books and his story surprised me. As he died 1698 and then was about 80 years old I presume that he was born around 1618 and most likely in Kopparp.
I met this man i the book of judgements 1658 and he was then forced to pay fine for something he had done. And then it lastet one year after another. In 1659, 1660 and 1661 ha had to pay for something illegal he had done. Once a time Tore had hit a neigbour so he lost seven teeth. During this time the district court sit three times a year and almost every time Tore was accused for something.
I know that he was married to Ingrid and they got almost one child, a daughter. And this will end the story about the disoderly Tore. Perhaps I´ll take a closer look of him sometimes in the future.

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