Monday, March 7, 2011

No picture to night..

Oh, the picture archive is so big. We have thousends of photos. I have to surch for these special pictures once again tomorrow.
The man in Uljestorp, that one without the dog, had an old mirror. On the back of the mirror he showed us a name, written by graphite, Elisabeth Israelsdotter. I will take a closer look at this woman when I´m finnished with Anna Haborsdotter. Genealogy is like a drug, you can´t get rid of it.
I would like to say that Anna had at least a sister Maria and a brother Nils. During this time in this parish the birth records are not too good. For sure Habor and Anna got a daughter 1702 called Britta, but she died the same year. There has even eventually been a son, Anders too.
I´ve to find out how I can get the knowledge of this family.

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