Friday, March 4, 2011

Now it´s time.

And it´s evening in Sweden by now. I expect to find something intersesting in the birth book from Vireda parish. As we already know Per Dagarsson from Kieryd married Ingeborg Håkansdotter from Språxmålen in 1692.
I found their first child born in February 1694 and it was a son called Håkan. There were just two sponsors at the baptism, Israel from Björkenäs and Jöns from Språxmålen. My conclusion is that Jöns is a relative of Ingeborg and Israel belongs to the family of Per. In the end of 1695 they got a baby girl, Marit. It´s just one and a half year between the children and I suspect that perhaps Håkan did not survived. But I don´t know for sure. I have to check in the death book later. Marit had no sponsors from Språxmålen. It made me a little bit disappointed.

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