Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Was Habor a widower?

The pictures I´m looking for are still missing, but I just have to find them sooner or later.
Today I found out something particular about Anna Haborsdotter. She died in april 1779 and the death record tells us that she was 86 years old at that time. If it´s true she ought to be born around 1693. But then she become mother when she was 47. Let us work on the supposition that the preast has been mistaken about her age. Perhaps she died when she was 82 or 83. We couldn´t know that for sure, but we can presume. The problem is that Habor Andersson married Ingeborg Håkansdotter 1698. The question is, isn´t Ingeborg the mother of Anna Haborsdotter? Has Habor been married before?
According to the church accounts Habor lived in Kieryd 1692, but no sign of any wife and no children. Habor himself died in1746 when he was 80. That means he was about 32 years old when he married Ingeborg. And it also means that he could be a widower with a child or two.

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