Monday, March 14, 2011

Tax rolls in Vireda parish.

A new password and I entered the archive. There are tax rolls in Vireda parish between 1643 to 1645. It´s too early to find some tracks of Harbor. Next starts 1681. At the time I found following people living in the village of Kieryd, Christian and his wife, Dagar and his wife and their son Olof. I follow these families forward and 1683 there is a widow namned Anna. Some years later I can see that she has one son and one daughter, Habor and Kerstin. Great, I found Habor´s mother and her name is Anna. She died in the 1696. I also found out that Habor hasn´t been married before he married Ingeborg.
The conclusion will be that Anna Haborsdotter in spite of everything is a daughter of Habor and Ingeborg. Her age in the death record must be regarded as wrong. Additional proof is the tax roll from 1722, where I can read Habor, his wife and their son Lars and daughter Anna. I think that Anna Haborsdotter has got her name after her grandma Anna, mother of Harbor.
I got the answer I was looking for. Now I´ll go on with a quite new family. Who they are? I´ll tell you tomorrow.

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