Thursday, March 3, 2011

To look again and again.

This evening I just had to open the church records from Vireda parish in the north of Småland. I read the book over married couple from the time just before 1700. Suddenly I recognized a name Ingeborg Håkansdotter. Her husband was Per Dagarsson. But I thought that she was married to Habor Andersson. Here I got something to check out.
I was right and I was wrong. Ingeborg´s first husband was Per Dagarsson and he died in 1697. A year later Ingeborg remarried Habor. I haven´t noticed that before in spite of controlling this records several times during many years.
So now I have to find out if I can get any information about children in the fist marriage and I would really like to know where Habor came from. It´s late here in Sweden and I have to go to bed. But tomorrow I´ll follow this new track.  

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