Friday, March 18, 2011

Wetterholm from the town of Huskvarna in Sweden

Tomorrow isn´t today, but it´s the day after today and the the day after that day. And now I´m going to tell you. Together with Hanna Åhman I´ll search for the roots of Ernst Gustaf Vilhelm Wetterholm. Ernst was born on March 5th 1894 in Hakarp parish situated in south of the lake Vättern. His father was Johan Vilhelm Wetterholm and his mother was Hilma Elisabeth Lund.
We hope that this research will end up in an ancestor society.It´s so exciting to think of the possibility to find unknown relatives living today.
Ernst was their only survival child. On they the day before New Years Eve 1892 Johan and Hilma got a daughter, but she lived only in a few hours.
At our first look at the household exemination in the church records we found something particular. It says that Johan and his wife moved to America a year before the birth of Ernst. But obviously it wasn´t true.

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