Friday, March 25, 2011

Wetterholm here and Wetterholm there

Nils Wetterholm got a son Peter and so did even Johannes. Nils got a daughter Johanna and Johannes also named his daughter Johanna.
In this time there lived a man in Gränna not far from Huskvarna and his name was, believe it or not, Peter Wetterholm. This Peter had children named almost like the children of Nils and Johannes. We don´t think that Peter in Gränna is a relative of Nils and Johannes, but we don´t know for sure. It´s not so far between Fiskebäck and Gränna if you go by boat on the lake Vättern. So we have to check this Peter out.
We have a lot of interesting work to do and we´ll go to Fiskebäck and Habo for photographing and interviews. I wish that a day has a lot of hours.

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