Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wetterholm today

Nowadays there are 247 living persons in Sweden with the lastname Wetterholm. Not so many as we actually thought. I´m so curious finding out if they all are relatives or if there are other families with the same name.
Let´s do an experiment. If we start with a person who lived around 1700. This person perhaps got four childen, which got childen, which got children and so on. After 300 years this only man or woman in fact can have about 100 000 descendants. An incredible number.
So far Hanna has found out that the two brothers Nils and Johannes Wetterholm christened their children to similar names. Tomorrow I´ll give you the names of their children and som more information about their life.
As I mentioned the village Fiskebäck is situated in the parish of Habo.

The church in Habo is famous for the paintings. You can read about it in the article "A painted house of God even the devil had to see" at the web magazine

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