Friday, April 8, 2011

Christina Wetterholm and David de la Verdie.

During the last week we have studied the Wetterholm family och found some interesting details. And the spring has come to Sweden. The snow is gone in the south of the country. My cats have started their life outside. The black one you can see at the banner at is a Maine coon and her fully name is Rock Nock´s Black Bonnie. She lives by my side together with Birkalunden´s Adrian and Birkalunden´s Elin Ingesdotter. These are Maine coons too. Elin´s grandparents are wildcats from Canada. Sometimes I think that I knew more about the lines behind my cats than I knew about my own heritage.
Back to Wetterholm. They are really a family of their own. Johannes Wetterholm and his wife Greta got ten children between 1805 and 1826. Some of them died as young and three of them never had children. Carl Fredrik Wetterholm was born in 1821. He grows up and met Inga Stina Svensdotter from Lekeryd parish not far from Hakarp where Carl Fredrik lived. They got married and gave birth to two daughters and two sons. One son and one daughter survived. A reputaion told us that the daughter Chirsitna met David de Verdie and the couple left for Chicago. It will be exciting to follow them.
The son Carl Gustav Theodor evidently stayed in Sweden. I´ll get back to him lately.

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