Thursday, April 28, 2011

The cottage in Vireda Parish.

When Margit was about ten years old her parents bought a summer house. It was a small cottage in Vireda parish. I don´t know if they chosed the place due to the fact that Gerda had her roots there. Margit says that it was not.
The house was small and old. Earlier it belonged to a shoemaker. I´ve heard that Margit´s grandmother, when she was a child once went to this shoemaker to get her shoes soled. However the cottage was called Sörängen and it was situated not far from other places where my ancestors lived in the 19th century.
In this house Margit, her three brothers and their parents spent their summer vacation during a lot of years.
In this picture you can see the old cow house. Of course there where no cows in there when Margit was a child. Her father Ernst went fishing and hunting. Her mother liked to culture vegetables. And the whole family used to pick berries and mushrooms.
In the house there was a small kitchen, a living room and two small bedrooms. There also was an attic with two mini rooms. In the summertimes nobody lived in the flat in Huskvarna. Margit told me that all furnitures were board up with sheets.

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