Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eve

I´ve been picking nettles today. Earlier people use to pick nettles because they need the nutrition after a long and perhaps cold winter. Usually they made nettle soup. At this time of the year the hens started to lay eggs again. So therefore people like to eat nettle soup and eggs. The nettles didn´t  almost sting at all when they are small and definitive not as boiled.I love to eat nettle soup.
Just yet Margit was a child the Easter bunny came with sweets in paper eggs. Her mother prinked the home with Easter twigs, painted eggs and witches. They also have a special table with twigs. In the picture Margit is sitting in front of this table looking at all the exciting things.
The dolls in Margit´s knee are named Olle and Kickan.

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