Friday, April 29, 2011

The old doll

Gerda and Ernst Wetterholm became old, both of them were over 90 when they passed away. They owned Sörängen right through to the 1980th. When I was a child a stayed there almost every summer.
I´ve already told you about Gerda´s brother Valter, who lived in America. Once a time he sent two big, beautiful dolls to Sweden. One to his sister Anna-Brita and one to Margit. In this picture you can see one of them. The girl holding the doll is me. It´s on my fifth birthday. Sitting in the baby stroller is my younger sister Karin. This doll belonged to my mother. Unfortunatly her doll didn´t excist any more. But the other doll, that belonged to Anna-Brita is sitting on a shelf in my basement recreation room.

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