Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grek, the soldier from Rödjan in Lommaryd parish, Sweden.

I just have to tell you about a soldier called Grek. No Wetterholm today.
Carl Johan Grek was born in 1832. His father was a soldier too and the name Grek is a typical soldier name in Sweden. Soldiers were given names when contracted. Soldiers names can be confusing, because the same name can be given to different soldiers from the same place. If one soldier died, the next one got the same name.
Carl Johan Grek and his wife Maja Bengtsdotter lived in the soldier´s cottage in the village Rödjan in  Lommaryd parish. Maja is some special to me, she is my great, great, great, great, great grandma´s sister´s grand daughter. Her father was a farmer in Rödjan and Maja married the soldier i the same village. The soldier Grek was a well known man all over the area. He was an amazing worker and therefore often hired of the local farmers. But he was also forgetfull and he doubble booked himself. He solved it ignoring both parties and went fishing. And when he was fishing he often stood on rock slope descends into the lake Mosseryd. I was there today and you´ll see the picture at "Folklore in Sweden" on Facebook.

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