Sunday, April 17, 2011

Huskvarna from the hillside

I found a picture over Huskvarna from 1892. It looks like a small village in the countryside. I´m impressed of the photographer.

So I drove up to the gazebo and shoot some pictures. Look, what a difference.

I think it´s important to see that the community had grow so much. It´s hard to understand how it looked like 100 years ago. And Margit has seen this development. She told me about outhouses in the backyards and old bathtubes in the kitchens. She even remember that they washed their mats in the river.
Margit was born in family with some status in Huskvarna. Ernst was a teacher and it was a good profession. And Gerda was a daugther to a, in Huskvarna, well known tailor. His name was Hugo Linder and in fact later he sold his tailoring to the famous lord Raglan Coroprate group.

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