Saturday, April 16, 2011

Huskvarna Weapon

I´ve spent three hours in Huskvarna by Margit. She was born in February 1924. At this time Huskvarna had been a city for 13 years. The family lived at Vättergatan 4. This house was owned by Hugo Linder, Margit´s grandfather on her mother´s side. Margit was their first child. Later she got three brothers. All of them are still alive.

The picture shows Margit in the rocking cradle. Ernst, her father is sitting behind. Her mother´s name was Gerda. Ernst was a teacher and worked at the nearby school.
Margit told me that most people in Huskvarna at this time worked at the arms factory. 1911 when Huskvarna become a town there lived about 5600 people and there were 390 apartment houses.
I think it´s important to not only search your ancestors, it´s also necessary to focus on the history in the community. We also have to learn about essentials of life for different epoch of time,

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