Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Margit in Huskvarna

I´ve just met Margit again, daughter to Ernst Wetterholm. Margit is 87 years old and almost as old as the town Huskvarna where she lives. She´s born there, but moved when she got married. The time past and in 2004 she went back to Huskvarna.
Margit can tell a lot about how it was to be a child in the 1930´s and 1940´s. But I´m not sure how to solve this out. Would I let her talk about what ever she wants or ought I give her questions to answer. If I give her questions, perhaps it´ll be the wrong questions. Hmm, not easy to know how to do.
Margit also has a lot of photos. She has several albums full of personal pictures and besides them many postcards with views from Huskvarna. Actually I have to photograph them all. It´ll take time for sure. It seems that I´ve got a lot to think about.

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