Monday, April 18, 2011

Kindergarten in Huskvarna

Have you heard about "Kindergarten"? It was new to me until last Saturday. Margit told me about it. "Kindergarten" is German and means Childrens garden. It was an early nursery school and belive it or not it existed in Huskvarna as early as 1920. Margit went there toghether with other children mostley with fathers who were directors and supervisors at Huskvarna Weapon. It was the factory which started this nursery school. The children went there five days a week for daily 3 hours. Margit remember that they sing songs and made easter garnityrs.

This picture is from Margit´s album. She was about five to six years old when she went to "Kindergarten". Her parents have to pay fee for this. A nursery school in this time was unusual in Sweden.
When you were seven you started in the primary school and you have to go there in six years. After that some children have the possibility to go on to the junior secondary school and after that upper secondary. At this time it were mostly boys in the higher classes. But Margit took the high school degree. And she still has the white student´s cap left.

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