Friday, April 1, 2011

The old chapel of Fiskebäck

From the beginning Fiskebäck was a parish of its own. But later on it appertained to Habo. And believe it or not in the beginning of 1800 they moved the church to another village. Left was the bell-tower and the cemetery. The church yard was still used as burial place. So the mother of the Wetterholm boys is for sure burried in Fiskebäck. Today there is a small chapel in Fiskebäck.
I´ve been told a story about a woman who was wrecked on the lake Vättern. Finally she reached the shore in the near of Fiskebäck. She thanked God and donated a chapel. This story could happened sometimes during the middle age. But if it´s tru? I didn´t know.
The problem now is that it seems like nobody of the Wetterholm family hasn´t anything to do with the church in Habo. But I´ve been learned that a man named Wetterholm gave a bench as a gift to the church in Habo. Today nobody hasn´t heard about it. Our research is going on.

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