Monday, April 11, 2011

One hundred years in Huskvarna.

Back to Wetterholm.It´s centennial celebration in Huskvarna this year. The town is famous for it´s early arms-production and later sewing-machines, motorbikes and chain saws. The two brothers Nils and Johannes worked with the arms-production. They were both pistol smiths. At this time it was a good occupation. In about 1680 they started to make riffles in Huskvarna. I think that the life for the workers at Huskvarna weapon factory were not so bad. Some inventories tell me that the workers have bed clothing, kitchen staff and money. Besides that they lived in special workes house of which several remain today.These are still nice and cozy.

Johannes´ children and grandchildren also worked at the factory. His son Per and grandson August bought themself a burial place for ever. I was at the cementary and took this picture yesterday. It´s fascinating to know that they could afford this. And I´m wondering how the church will handle a case like this in the future. Sadly I didn´t know which people from the Wetterholm family who are burried here.

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