Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sass and Storndorf

Last year´s leaves were blowing in the wind, which came from the north. But it´s spring and the light is so wonderful. And my garden is full of life. Fortunately I like it feral. So I can go on with my research in spite of the spring.
Hanna gave me some interesting results today. Christina and David de Verdi arrived to Chigaco and all together it seems that they have six children. At least one of them died before the age of five. Their first daughter Davida Maria born in 1875 in Sweden seemed to married Edvard Sass from Germany. And I think they had a son. Perhaps we have now living relativs with the last name Sass or even de Verdi. We´ll see!
Now it´s time for me to go to bed because I´ll have a lot to do tomorrow.

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