Saturday, April 30, 2011

Swedish Mayflower

Swedish school kids are selling Mayflowers in order to fund money to help needily children. The Swedish Mayflower was invented of Beda Hallberg in 1907. The first Mayflower was dark blue and made by celluloid.
Ernst Wetterholm was highly involved in the Mayflower project in Huskvarna. He and his wife Gerda even worked at a children´s colony during the summers in the 1930th.
The first Mayflower come to the US in 1909 and they were sold at a fair in Denver, Colorado. In November 1922 established a Mayflower society and one year later 175 000 flowers were sold in America. Last year the Mayflowers brought in more than 50 millions sek in Sweden.
Here is the flower for 2011.

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