Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vättergatan number four

In the house where Margit lived as a child was one appartment at the ground floor. I´ve been in this house several times but my memories has faded. However, in this appartment lived Margit´s grandparents Hugo and Hulda Linder together with their daughters Dagny and Anna-Brita. They were Gerda´s younger sisters. Their brother Valter died in America about 1940. I have a doll that he bought to Anna-Brita.
At both sides of that appartment there was a place of business.
On the second floor I think there was two flats. In one of them Margit lived toghether with her parents. It was very nice and there were five rooms and a big kitchen. The other flat was much smaller and I can´t remember if I ever been there at all.
On the third floor there was just another flat and a single room for rent. And at the top a big exciting attic.
I was very fond of the house as a child and I was so sad when it was gone. Nowadays there is a modern building.
I can recognize some of the persons in the picture. Second from the left is Gerda and then her sister Dagny with Margit in her arms. I´m not sure about Dagny, it could even be Hulda. I have to ask Margit about this.

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