Sunday, April 24, 2011

The witch in Fiskebäck

I just have to tell you about the witch in Fiskebäck. Sadly she´s not one of my ancestors. Still I´m interested in finding a witch in my family. But this one is however from Fiskebäck like the Wetterholm family. Her name is Anna Nilsdotter and 1720 she was prosecuted for witch craft. She was accused of having so-called milk hares. Even the vicar has seen these hares, which helped Anna Nilsdotter to get a lot of milk from her two cows. Anna also had a speakeasy not far from the church in Fiskebäck. And she knew about herbal medicine. Anna Nilsdotter didn´t accept the accusation and she only got the church punisment. But the cournt give her a warning. At this time the court still followed the old laws from 1350 striked up by Magnus Eriksson,

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