Sunday, May 8, 2011

Apparent dead

Next to Wetterholm´s woodshed there was a room where dead bodies stored waiting for the funeral. A woman named aunt Sjösten took care of the bodies before the grievers would take farwell.
Ernst and his cousin David somtimes played in the woodshed. Once they heard about apparent dead. Ernst was convinced that a dead person could be alive again if somebody wake him up. So Ernst and David threw backlogs into the wall. They were very noisy, but the body continued to be dead. Both boys were so disappointed.
Ernst told that he as a child looked forward to the day he was allowed to visit a funeral. It wasn´t the funeral as such, it was the possibility to go in the rank after the coffin carriers. His first memory of a dead person was when his grandmother past away. At this time Ernst was five years old.

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