Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bake and wash in Viktoriabyn.

Behind the houses along Viktoriagatan (the street) there were sheds for wood, for wash and outhouses. In the wash house the women used to wash in big kettles, which were warmed up from a fire under the bottom. Sometimes they washed in the creek.
There was a special shed for baking. Ernst told us that his mother baked butter cockies in her own kitchen. But plain bread and buns were made in the shed. You had to reserve time in both for bake and wash. The big baking oven was heated with fire wood. When it was burned out Ernst´s mother took out the ashes and then she used the baker´s peel and placed the bread cakes in the oven. Ernst loved to be in the baking shed. Probably it was the fresh bread he liked. She also baked Swedish rye bread. This special bread was hanged up on sticks to dry. Ernst used to eat rye bread together with milk.

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