Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ernst´s grandfather´s mother Sara

In the story written by Ernst I can read about Sara Tellström. She was born 1789 in the town of Jönköping and she was the mother of Ernst´s grandfather Gustav Lund. Gustav was married to Emilia Sandahl. They lived in a part of Huskvarna called "Stockmakarebyn", which means the village where the rifle-makers lived.
In the house in this picture was Ernst´s mother Hilma born and she was the youngest of eleven sisters and brothers. This house still remains and I love to see it when I´m in Huskvarna.

When Hilma was a child she used to help her grandmother Sara. This woman lived in a house called Rams when she was a widow. She was 93 years old when she died. She left two silver spoons to her grandchild.

This is the same house today. Isn´t it nice?

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