Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fire wood farmer.

Each family in Viktoriabyn had their own provider of for instance fire wood, egg and potateos. It was farmers who came to town to deliver their products. Ernst told us that it was a great happening when somebodys fire wood farmer appeared.
All kids in the neighborhood came running. They hoped to get a chance to ride in the empty wagon, when all fire wood were unloaded. Sometimes there were so many kids that some of them had to run behind the wagon. Once Ernst tried to race the wagon. He had bad luck and his left leg sticked into the wheel. He screamed and so did the other kids. The farmer halted the horse. Ernst was carried right home. His mother took him to the doctor in the town of Jönköping not far from Huskvarna. The leg wasn´t brooken, so Ernst had luck this time.

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