Thursday, May 5, 2011

Outhouses and shit.

Behind the houses in Viktoriabyn were the outhouses. Each family had its own outhouse with one big opening for the adults and one small for the children. On the gable there was an urinal. Between the files of outhouses there was a channel for the shit. In one end there was a deep hole for kitchen waste. Now and then a farmer from a village not far from Huskvarna came to collect the shit. He used it as fertilisation on his fields. He carried the shit in a big chest with a flat cover. The chest was plased on a wagon with a draft horse.
I must admit that I have some difficulties to tell this specific story. I really don´t know what words I´ll use. Well, the horse was scared and chase off. The big chest with the shit tipped over and all the shit poured out over the garden. The farmer fall off and he was extremly dirty.

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