Monday, May 2, 2011

Trousers turned into ice.

In the kitchen Ernst´s mother Hilma had two buckets, one for drinking water and one for wash- and dish water. The drinking water came from a water pump not far from the town school. You had to go there every day to bring water. Water from the creek of Huskvarna you could get from a pump outside the house.
Ernst told in his story about the winter and when the water turned into ice under the pump. There was a channel by wood for the excess water and the boys used to slide there on their bottoms. Now and then it was some water on the ice, so they were wet and their trousers turned into ice. It was like a hedgehog skin.
It wouldn´t be a long time before the houses in Viktoriabyn got drain, but water pipe they had to wait for.
Household waste was saved for the pigs. About twice a week there was a farmer coming into town to get the rests from the kitchens in Viktoriabyn. The farmer paid for it with for example butter and eggs.

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