Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Viktoria village in Huskvarna

In 1965 Ernst Wetterholm (1894 - 1986) decided to tell the story about his life. This year he was 71 and he has got cataract. But in spite of this he started to write. I´ll now share his notes with you. I also have to explain that Ernst is Margit´s father and my grandfather.
Ernst was born in Huskvarna and his ancestors worked at the arms factory. But he became a teacher. He started his history at Brunnsgatan 9 in Huskvarna where he was born. He lived in the east flat on the second floor. They only have one room and a ktichen. The owner of the house was Mr Oxelquist. This man asked Ernst´s mother Hilma what she had for plans for Ernst´s future. She answered that she wished her son to be an Oxelquist, because in that case Ernst doesn´t need to do a single thing.
Ernst grow up in a part of Huskvarna called Viktoriabyn. It was a street with eigth houses, four on each side of the street. This houses were owned by the arms factory. Ernst´s father Johan worked in the factory. The family moved into house number three. In each house there were eight one-room-flat and four single room in the attic. Ernst said that the room was big and ligt. There was a tile stove and in the kitchen there was a wood stove.

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