Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Brahe Church on Visingsö in Sweden

The erection of the Brahe Church on Visingsö was begun by Count Magnus Brahe and completed by Per Brahe, the younger in 1636. The tower is what remains  of a mediaeval church erected about 1150, probably by king Sverker the elder, who died in 1156.  In the crypt six members of thr Brahe family rest in their coffins. The coffins were restored in 1930.This picture shows an interior from the Brahe church.

The Brahe family lived in the nearby castle on the east shore of the island and they owned a lot of land in the south of Sweden. This peaces of land was called feoffments and some of my ancestors lived and worked on this feoffments.
Would you like to know more about this church and the other one on Visingsö? I´m going to write about these two churches in the web magazine in a few days.

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