Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another brother?

This afternoon I´ve done some diagrams over people in Hult who have been sponors at the children in the parish of Adelöv. And I really think I´ve found another brother of Kerstins´. Perhaps he´s a son from Sven Perssons first marrige and consquently he and Kerstin got both the same father and the same mother. But so far I guess.
His name is Jonas or sometimes Jon. It´s the same name in Sweden by this time. In 1692 he is a sponsor to a daughter of Per and Kerstin in Humlefall and this year he´s an unmarried young man from Hult. 1695 is wife Anna from Dockarp one of the sponsors. The year before is the maiden Karin and the hodge Nils from Hult sponsors in Dockarp when Jonas got a child.
Jonas presumed wife Anna died 1696 and perhaps he remarried Britta and moved to Mölarp and later on to Vallstorp. To prove this theory I have to read the tax rules.
It´s like a super puzzle, isn´t it?

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