Monday, July 25, 2011

Important sponsors.

What about Tingstad in the parish of Ödeshög in the province of Östergötland? I made a discovery today. Kerstin Svensdotter, daughter of Sven in Hult, become a widow around 1706 - 1707. A year later she remarried Lars Larsson from Ryd and they moved to Amundeby in Östergötland. Here they got a son 1712 and two sponsors Erik Johansson and Kerstin Johansdotter are from Tingstad. When Erik got children Kerstin Svensdotter and her family are sponsors.
The father of Erik Johansson and Kerstin Johansdotter, Johan Persson has a sister called Karin. This Karin was married to a man in Brummesmålen in Adelöv. In 1690 they got a child and one of the sponsors was Sigrid Nilsdotter from Hult, married to Sven Persson in Hult (father of Kerstin Svensdotter from Humlefall and Amundeby).
Oh, a lot of information but what I want to say is this - the sponsors are so important when you are searching your ancestors.

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