Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kumlaby Church on Visingsö, Sweden

Kumlaby church is one of the oldest and best preserved mediaval churches in Sweden. I visited this church last Wednesday. Together with my grand daughter Thilda I entered the tower. It was a real tough climb, but we did it. And the view was out of this world. You´ll find a picture here:
The south and east parts of the churchyard bear a number of significant 17th century tombstones. Much of the graveyard is still in use.
Here rest Per Brahe´s muscician Magnus Persson. Kumlaby Church served as a parish church until 1636 when Count Per Brahe the Younger begun its transformation into a school. The mediaeval paintings on the walls were whitewashed over. In 1922 the church was restored to its 15th century condition.

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