Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Now I know.

Finally I broke thorough one of my brick walls. Last night just before midnight I found it. It was something I dreamt about for years. Do you remember my ancestress Kerstin Svensdotter in the village of Humlefall in Adelöv parish? I´ve always suspected her to be a daughter of Sven Persson in Hult village. But I´ve not be able to found any evidens.
In the court records for the year 1690 I can read that Sven Persson has a son-in-law by name Per and this Per lived in Humlefall. Now I have the knowledge so I can add Sven to the family tree.

This is the church of Stora Åby. It´s built in the middle of the 1800 century. When Kerstin Svensdotter was alive here was a smaller medieval church in which her daughter Karin married Anders Larsson. I also presume that Kersin herself was buried here. But there are no tombs left from this time.

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