Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The old inn.

In the 18th century there was an inn in the village of Hult. It was a place where traveller could eat and exchange horses. Before that, the rumor says that here was a speakeasy, perhaps even when Sven Persson and his third wife lived here.
This picture shows how the house looks today, but here and there inside you can find the traces after the old house from the time of Sven Perssons´.

Sven was a famous man in the parish of Adelöv. The big tombstone tells us that he was a juryman. In the hall you can find a price list from 1750, but it´s a copy. It tells you how much you would have to pay to sleep one night or to have a meal. The real one is donated to a museum. Today this inn is a private home, so you can´t get inside to take a look. And I don´t think the owners are related to Sven Persson.

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