Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An old tombstone

I was just bound to go to Adelöv today. It´s about one hour from here and I asked my younger sister and my grandchild Tilda to join me. Tilda is eight years old and not so interested in genealogy, but she likes to take a trip. Our destination was the church in Adelöv. Right behind the churchyard wall there are three old tombstones. One of them belongs to Sven Persson.

A year ago this stone law on the ground and it wasn´t possible to read the text. The stone is now restored. Sven died 1704 in the age of about 85. He has been married three times and I think Kerstin Svensdotter was born in his first marriage. I don´t know the name of wether his first wife or his second one. On the stone you can read that his third wife was Sigrid Nilsdotter.

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