Sunday, July 17, 2011

Perhaps a brother.

It´s not easy to find out who they are, the sisters and the brothers of Kerstin Svensdotter. But I can guess. When Per Larsson and his wife Kerstin Svensdotter moved to the village of Humlefall in the parish of Adelöv a man called Olof Svensson moved there too. He or his wife seemed to be a sponsor to each child of Per´s and Kerstin´s. That fact made me a little suspicious. Yes, I think Olof Svensson will be a brother of Kerstin and a son of Sven Persson in Hult in his first marrige.
I´ve also found three half-siblings of Kerstin. I think they are Karin, Per and Lars. Their mother is Sigrid Nilsdotter, the third wife of Sven Persson. Now I have to dig deeper in this family history.

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