Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Church

In the summer time a lot of churches open the doors. We call it "vägkyrka" which means wayside chapel. Here the stressed motorist can find a place to rest and perhaps get a cup of coffee. Sometimes there is a short sermon. In some churches there is a guide who takes care of the visitors.
One famous "vägkyrka" is the church of Habo. 

 If the exterior of Habo church demands attention, it is nothing compared to the interior. The paintings that greet today´s visitors almost solely derive from the period 1741-1743. The artists were Johan Kinnerus and Johan Christian Peterson, both hailing from Jönköping. They were and are both known for paintings in churches as well as mundane buildings.
Read more about this church at www.folkloreinsweden.com

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