Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My mother´s necklace.

My dear mother died some weeks ago. I missed her so much. Among her things I found a beatiful necklace made of silver and dark stones. I can´t remember her wearing this necklace. Of course I´m curious knowing from where she got it.
Our local jeweller told me that the necklace is more than 100 years old. So I started to look for it among my photographs. I have a lot of pictures from the early 50´s. And belive it or not I reconized this special jewelry around the neck of my mother´s aunt Dagny. She carried it on her 50th birthday. Perhaps even she has inherit from an older relative.
I really have to search on and find out more.


my Heritage Happens said...

Wow what a find! To bad our "Dagny's" aren't the same. Mine is Dulin. great that you found the picture! Congrats!

Ewa said...

This story will continue.